The Analytical Cooperative



The Analytical Cooperative offers be-spoke training courses on credit and insurance risk related topics drawing upon the long experience of its associates. Courses can range from beginner level general introductions to credit risk to advanced sector-specific courses (e.g. banking, project finance, corporates, SMEs) to topic-specific courses (e.g. validation, methodology development in the light of sparse data).

In a first phase, the AC actively works with its clients to discern their unique training requirements, the objectives they wish to achieve from the training and the experience of likely course attendees in the topic concerned. Drawing on both its library of existing training and technical materials and the experience of its associates, the lead consultant will then facilitate the development of a course best aligned to the client’s specific needs.

The Analytical Cooperative is also exploring with selected alliance partners and clients the demand for providing more formalised training through periodic public seminars and / or in-depth training support on an on-going basis.