The Analytical Cooperative


Validation Assistance

The Analytical Cooperative offers a range of validation services that complement and enhance an institution’s in-house validation function.

Validation Handbook

This manual comprises a best-practice framework for conducting comprehensive validations and surveillance of internal (or third-party) risk evaluation frameworks covering: methodology construction, conceptual soundness, methodology performance, data, reporting, surveillance and other facets.

Training on validation

The associates at the Analytical Cooperative possess a wealth of experience in training financial institutions, regulators and others both on the fundamentals of validation and in-depth training on specific facets of validation including how to appropriately review models and processes for data-sparse sectors.

Validation assistance

For many aspects of validation it can make more sense to cooperate with specialists than to maintain wide-ranging skill sets in-house. The AC associates have substantial experience of providing such assistance.

Typical services range from high level diagnostic exercises to in-depth exercises focusing on all or just specific aspects of a comprehensive validation exercise including: methodology construction, conceptual soundness, model performance, process adherence, use test, documentation and data.